My first impressions

By Oleksandra Korotkova

After a 14-hours flight ✈️ here it is! Japan 🇯🇵
Day 1. Arrival and exploring one of the 23 special wards of Tokyo – Shibuya.
First impression – a lot of what I read about this unique country is true. Three facts confirmed: during the flight my Japanese neighbour really did all those yummy noises while eating noodles , so I just followed him and did the same; Japanese are very tolerant, polite and smiling; children can walk in the city alone and be safe – I saw a 5-year-old in funny yellow boots with a huge rucksack 🎒 just walking in the street.
I also had an incredibly delicious Japanese dish (do not really remember the name) with shrimps, octopus and noodles and a matcha cocktail 😋
Let’s see what tomorrow will be like.

Pictures by Oleksandra Korotkova

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