Day 1: Edo-Tokyo museum and the Mori building

By Leon Runje

Today – Friday 9 September – the group of the MIRAI 2016 summer programme visited the Edo-Tokyo museum in Tokyo. Here they were introduced to the political, cultural and economic history of the Japanese capital, formerly known as Edo. The history described in the form of a movie presentation started from the time of Tokyo’s founding in the early Tokugawa period of the 1600s, through its renaming and modernisation in the Meji period and concluded with the Olympic Games hosted by Tokyo in 1964. The great damage caused to the city by such catastrophes as the Kanto earthquake of 1923 and the bombings of 1945 were also mentioned. After the presentation the participants were able to view the museum exhibits which consisted of replicas of structures and instruments used through Tokyo’s history. Some of the examples are listed below:

The day was concluded with the visit of the participants to the Roppongi Hills Mori Tower which contained the Mori Art Museum where many diverse artistic exhibitions were made available to the public. The following are a few examples:

Pictures by  Leon Runje and Inga Menke

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