Experiential Learning

Sunday evening, when coming back from the host family stay, MIRAI participants met in an ICL session to talk about their experiences in the rural areas.

In smaller groups, they discussed critical incidents that they might have experienced, and how to deal with cultural differences.


Irritations that were mentioned were food, difficult conversation topics, conflict style, communication styles, gender roles, perception of time, relationship to animals among others. Participants did not only identify these irritations through personal experience, but they also had to find solutions on how to deal with these irritations. Some of the conclusions were to enjoy the differences, to use the DIVE model, observation and to be prepared for misunderstandings.

It was great to share this experience with such an engage group of young people! Now, we hope you feel a bit more equipped in your personal intercultural competences tool box and that you will continue using it even after this program.

The link to the presentation used in the session can be found  here!

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