A home away from home

From Friday 18. to Sunday 20. December, MIRAI program participants spread out to various parts of Japan to experience how life is in more rural areas of Japan. When we all met on Sunday evening – the room was filled with smiles, tiered faces and good stories. Participants found a second home in the hospitality and warmth of Japanese families.

Photo: AFS Japan

Here are some impressions shared by the MIRAI participants in the Facebook group MIRAI 15.  

Dinara Auyelbekova

“Wearing kimono in Kawagoe. Afs Tokyo Nerima thank you!!!”

Sariyya Malikova

“Made some memories with Takatsuke family”

Sandra Ahtola

“My weekend in a nutshell: cuteness overload. Thank you Mirai-organisers for making this possible!”

Aizat Mukataeva


Niigata, Joetsu!

So lucky to be here!

Don’t want to leave!”

Akerke Kozhatay

“We are so lucky being in Gunma! ‪#‎mirai15 Thank you MIRAI!”

Sino Kadyrov

“Even there is not enough word to express how much I am happy. Wish happiness for everyone in the world))) ‪#‎Japan ‪#‎Miyazaki ‪#‎Pacific ‪#‎Ocean ‪#‎Amazing ‪#‎feeling )))))”


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