Summary of the day

Wednesday 16. December

Victoria Grove, MIRAI program participant from Cambridge University in the United Kingdom summaries the first day of the MIRAI program for us:

On day one we visited the MORI corporation and got to visit the observation deck to look out over the vast expanse that is Tokyo. We even got to visit the 500 Arhats exhibition at the MORI arts museum. This includes a 100m long painting which is an incredible example of Japanese modern art.

Photo: Victoria Grove

One less dramatic piece that stood out to me was this…. Named “Those who seek wealth must never run”.

Day one also included a visit to JICA, an intercultural learning experience run by EFIL and a welcome party which was attended by representatives from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


I can’t believe we did all that on the first day! It’s going to be an amazing fully-packed week.

Also, Stephan Bruhin, MIRAI program participant from Switzerland shared with us a Haiku poem describing his feelings for the arrival day and for the first program day. Thank you Victoria and Stephan for your words!



Pictures (above): View from my room by Cécile Geoffroy!

The first day is over – and we can’t wait for the tomorrow’s visit to Keio University!

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