Intercultural Learning Experience session 1

(For questions and presentation from the session, please see the end of the post).

The first day of MIRAI and also the first in person Intercultural Learning session. After 9 online modules and a webinar, participants gained insight into Japanese culture and learned some Japanese words. We also explored the DIVE model and prepared interview questions that all participants were asked to do during the home stays with someone from Japan. We are excited to hear about the interviews in our second Intercultural Learning session.

We wish all participants a great stay in Japan with wonderful intercultural encounters. Remember, you meet people, not cultures. 🙂

You can see the presentation from the session here!

The participants came up with questions for the interview together in groups of trios. The questions created by the different groups were:


  1. How flexible do you think Japanese people can be when adapting to other culture’s behaviour?
  2. What other culture(s) are you most comfirtable with?
  3. How would you react in case you saw someone fell on the street
  4. What is the worst scenario in your house you can imagine about having a foreigner over?
  5. What is the perception of foreign people and how would you describe Japanese position in the world?
  6. What kind of activities do you perform during the draditional day?



  1. What image do you have of my culture?
  2. Can you tell me one phrase or sentence that is important in Japanese language and which represent a part of your cultural identity?
  3. Which country would you like to visit and why?
  4. What was the most awkward experience you have had with a foreign individual?
  5. How has your culture changed between generations?
  6. Draw a picture that describes your culture and traditions.



  1. How do you bring up children in your society?
  2. What are your traditions and how do you celebrate them?
  3. How does your behaviour fit into the generalisation of Japanese culture?
  4. To what extend does Western culture influence Japanese culture?
  5. How is the role of women perceived or different in Japan?



  1. How do people politically identify themselves? Does this affect their daily life?
  2. What is the “Japanese Dream”?
  3. What is your perceived role in society?
  4. Do you feel that you belong ro a minority or majority, and why?
  5. Do your personal values differ from the values of the culture that you belong to?
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