Who are we?

We are getting closer and closer to the beginning of the MIRAI program. In a few hours we will all have a slightly better clue of who we are and the diversity that the MIRAI group represent.

This diversity has been very visible in the GCC webinars that all participants have taken part in. Through discussing intercultural questions from the dynamics of culture and value dimension to the use of generalizations and what values identify your personality,  our culture and us as human being, we have already started to get to know each other.


We have also found out some other interesting information about MIRAI participants. They have a voice, and they are using it! We have several participants being active on Instagram and Twitter using the hashtag #mirai15. If you want to see what we are doing at any point, just have a look at the pictures on the hashtag!

We also what to use this blog as a way to let the MIRAI participants share their thoughts around Japan, intercultural learning, the future, their studies and their thoughts.


MIRAI infographic-3

Can’t wait to find out more about you all in a few hours!

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